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Water Damage Restoration Team in Chicago, Illinois (IL)



The Water Flood Damage Restoration Team in The Windy City is your number #1 – 24/7 emergency provider for cleanup, repair, and mold remediation. When you need quick and effective services, you can count on our dedicated team of experienced professionals to solve your hydro-related problems.

Our water damage removal cleanup experience is perfect for any home or business of any type, anywhere especially when disaster strikes suddenly and unexpectedly. It’s a jarring experience and we empathize with your situation. That’s why we arrive on site with equipment on hand to prevent multiple trips and aim to be ‘in and out’ within hours or days depending on the state of repairs.

Turn over the responsibility to restore your home or office building to its original condition before the water damage occurred and get your life back again.

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The #1 Water Mitigation, Extraction, and Restoration Company in The Windy City


We are a IICRC (Carpet Cleaning Repair Installation Certified) restoration and mold removal company serving the community for 15+ years. Our professionalism stands on our integrity, performance, and quick response. We are here to serve you and offer a level of service you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.


Sewer Line Backup – Sink Overflow – Toilets and Tubs – Burst or Leaking Pipes – Contaminated Water and Sewage Back-Ups – Water Heater Malfunction – Appliance Ruptures and Leaks – Sprinkler System Leaks – Roof Leaking – Behind The Wall Leakage – Hidden Water and Sewer Leaks – Basement, Crawl Space and Laundry Room Flooding – and more


Every shift servicemen put on their superhero capes and masks to deliver service SO FAST, it’ll make your head spin. In fact, our customers get so accustomed to our level of speed that it’s near impossible for them to go to our competitors since, by comparison, it’s the difference between Bugs Bunny and Elmer the Fudd – they just can’t keep up with us.


Our technicians are not only certified, licensed, and experienced, they are fully trained to give you the services you require during an emergency. We took great care to choose people who love what they do and are happy to serve you!

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Any Flood Restoration Cleanup Company

Question #1:

Do They Have Their IICRC membership (Carpet Cleaning Repair Installation Certification)?

Question #2

Have They Been In Business For 10+ Years?

Question #3:

Are They Known For Fast Service?

The IICRC is an internationally recognized quality control organization for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. Hiring certified technicians guarantees you get quality, professional service that gets done right the first time. To qualify you must follow specific rules and guidelines to qualify and remain a member. This puts

This is a good sign of maturity in this business. Many industry newcomers are gungho at the prospect of working with new clients underestimating the amount of work that REALLY needs to be done, underpricing themselves, and eventually refusing to follow through. Others price gauge and are the better salesman than they are restorationists. You want someone who’s been around the block several times, knows city and state laws, procedures and is consistent with their track record.

The bulk of our work is ’emergency’ related. Though we do occasionally get customers who want preventative work (which we always recommend) and inspections, for every 1 customer who wants to prevent something from happening the future, 19 more are calling in to fix an immediate problem. It’s human nature. Thus, it’s important the restoration companies you contact stress speed and quality; speed to get TO the job and prevent further basement flooding and other related damage, and speed to finish the job quickly so you can resume your normal everyday life.

3 Reasons Why Customers Trust Our Restoration Cleanup Repair Services

20+ Years Proven Experience

After 20 years in business and thousands of homes and businesses successfully restored, we know how to clean up flood water damage with our modern water mitigation process to make your home look as if it’s never seen the damage a day before since it’s construction.

We Respond – FAST!

Depending on the severity of destruction, our water extraction team may be able to salvage basement, ceiling, carpet and wood floors in as little as 3 days.

Insurance Claim Assistance

If you’ve ever tried making an insurance claim for legitimate reasons on your own for any reason, you know how stressful that process can be. Stop pulling hairs and let us take care of the legal side of things to speed up the claims process complimentary on your behalf.

Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

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“My wife and I wanted to reach out and tell you how much we appreciate the supportive and professional guidance from your restoration company during the onslaught of our water damage crisis. It’s a treat to see that there are still service companies that take the word “service” literally and with passion.”

- Frank Abigail

“You guys were prompt and wasted no time getting our house (life) back in order. My husband and I were so happy, we even recommended them to his parents.”

- Jennifer Prize

“If I had an hour to spare, I still wouldn’t have enough time to tell you how wonderful your service has been throughout this entire process. The team of professional men they dispatched was excellent and courteous. I thank God for your incredibly competent and caring staff.”

- Charles Kalhune

“They came out and restored my flooded basement and everything went unbelievably great. I was amazed at how good of a job they did and it was so clean. If the occasion should ever arise again, you guys will be the first I call”

- Robert Richmond

Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

Get Help NOW!

A Water Damage Team Care Service You Can Trust In The Windy City

Other cities we currently and happily serve nearby include:

Cicero, Oak Park, Berwyn, Forest Park, River Forest, Elmwood Park, Lincolnwood, Lyons, Maywood, River Grove, Summit, Evergreen Park, Evanston, Norridge, Melrose Park, Fort Dearborn Addition, Park Row, Burnham Place, Harbor Square, Cityfront Center, Film Row, Conleys Patch, Cityfront Place, Duncans Addition, Streeterville, Kinzies Addition, Shantytown, McCormickville, Swede Town, Killgubbin, Central Station, Carpenters Addition, Wolcotts and Bushnells Additions, IL.

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